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Sustainable Healthcare Design International Symposium

The King's Fund, London,
14 September 2023

The talks from the Sustainable Healthcare Design International Symposium have now been published on the SALUS journal for your viewing.


The climate emergency is a health emergency. The impacts of a destabilising climate are no longer confined to the global south, with more intense storms and floods, and more frequent heatwaves and wildfires now also affecting high-income countries. Amid a growing risk of infectious disease spread, threats to public health and health equity are rising, increasing the burden on the healthcare sector globally. Moreover, the sector is a major contributor to the climate crisis, producing 4.4% of global net emissions.


Addressing the health sustainability execution gap – the distance between aspiration and ambition and actual action and outcomes – was the topic of Dr Stephanie Allen’s keynote talk.


In this keynote, Dr Nick Watts, the NHS’s first chief sustainability officer, describes the organisation’s net-zero strategy vision, the transformation process, and some of the innovative actions taking place across the system.


Royal College of Physicians president Andrew Goddard began his EHD 2022 keynote talk with a sombre depiction of the current state of healthcare, which, he said, is currently being visited by the “four horsemen of the apocalypse” – conquest, war, pestilence, and death.


This talk outlines how to mobilise the necessary skills in healthcare design, and to present both risks and benefits in climate-smart solutions, to pave the way towards delivering the world’s most climate-smart hospital.


This paper aims to discuss through a case study of two contrasting sites for University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust the practicalities and pitfalls of decarbonising the existing NHS estate.


Ghent University Hospital is reorganising its 40-hectare campus over the next two decades and is aiming for a carbon-neutral campus by 2050.


In order to meet strategic, operational, and clinical goals, the transformation of Swedish First Hill will modernise every building and system, and implement a district energy strategy that will create the first carbon-negative healthcare campus in the US by 2030.

Sustainable Healthcare Design International Symposium
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